InfoGlobalData’s Lead Qualification services enable you to focus post-campaign efforts solely on qualified leads. You simply turn your inquiries over to us and we qualify them based on your unique criteria. We’ll tell you which opportunities are viable, which should be nurtured, and which should be removed from the database.

Lead qualification is one of the top uses for business. The lead qualification process is a lot like the hiring process. Prospects are not only capable of buying your product or services but they also have a need for it. Leads show actual signs of buying behavior toward your product or service.

Qualified leads are the most sought after potential customerThese leads not only express buying behavior, they have the authority, need, urgency and money to make a purchase. Thus, a qualified lead is further along in the sales cycle, and more likely to buy your product or service than an unqualified lead.IGD-banner

Remember that high quality isn’t the same as high volume. As a general rule, the higher the value of a qualified leads the fewer of them you can expect. It’s better to have a handful of super-qualified leads who are ready to buy than a thousand tire-kickers you have to weed through. The more data you collect, the easier it is to qualify leads. Once you qualify your leads, you can focus on getting them sales-ready with tools.

A qualified lead is:

  • Working through your lead nurture cycle.
  • Ready or getting ready to buy within a set timeframe and budget.

We often find that spending more time lead nurturing is the key to lead qualification. A marketing qualified lead is exactly what it sounds like — a lead that’s been qualified by marketing. By performing certain actions like downloading content, passing through several email nurture tracks, the lead has demonstrated some level of interest and intent that marketing deems significant enough to merit a sales conversation. Your leads drive your business. But not every lead can be your deal. It requires planned efforts to identify ‘QUALITY’ leads and nurture them so that they can finally become your customer or brand advocate.