Know little about lead generation which may help your business!

lead generationHistorically the disparity between good lead generation and bad lead generation has been wafer thin, the difference of one sale making or breaking a campaign.

I firmly believe that these barriers are being broken down with smart innovative solutions to the oldest problem in marketing.

How do we convert prospects who are interested into paying customers?”

As a new father my analogy is my daughter learning to walk, I’m keen for her to be fast learner but aware of not pushing her too quickly. I don’t want her to walk before she can crawl.

When working with a client new to the lead generation space, the instinct is to showcase the volume of potential customers available in the market.


Is volume the answer? In most cases the answer is the client wants the right volume.

Identifying the core objectives to any client should be at the forefront of discussion. Is this an acquisition strategy? Is the client creating a marketing pool?  These questions and more need to be mentally ticked off before any proposed campaign can be built out.

Don’t get this confused with a pre-meeting ahead of the conference call, ahead of the meeting before the pitch, this is a robust clinical exchange of ideas, at the end of which will provide the right  tools to build the campaign.

Ok, so the first part of this has effectively explained that the key to good lead generation is lead genration servicelisting the client’s needs. Nothing ground breaking there, in the same way that if my daughter is crying it’s probably time to pick her up.

Here’s where the goal posts move, with access to the right marketing leading products, there is no need for clients to settle for second best.

If a client requires a consumer to pass a preliminary credit check why can’t it be offered? If the client knows their best chance of converting a lead is in the 6 weeks before their insurance renewal starts why can’t it be offered?

By using data tools in a warm lead model, you shift the goal posts. The volume can be gleaned from the most appropriate consumers, rather than the mass. Increasing the efficiency of the leads and increasing the return on Investment.

Month on month I see more requirement for transparency in lead generation. If the transparency can be established at the beginning of the relationship the campaign will work more effectively.

No longer will clients be forced to sift through management information (MI) report after MI report looking for patterns in the data. This will have been established up front. The customer profile will have been understood and those customers will already be in the conversion funnel.

It’s not reinventing the wheel, it’s just a smarter way of delivering lead generation.

Author: Daniel Fossaceco