Month: February 2016

What Is Difference Between Nurture & Sales Cycles?

online-lead-generation-In sales, you operate with leads. They are your fuel and your raw material. Leads either show positive interest in your product or service, or at least a need for a solution like yours.’ Once you have a lead in your hands, it is up to you or your sales team to prove the benefits and convert interest into an actual sale. This takes a delicate balance of strategy and product awareness to ensure the sale is made. You will be using nurture cycles and sales cycles to convert the lead into a sale. Continue reading “What Is Difference Between Nurture & Sales Cycles?”

Know little about lead generation which may help your business!

lead generationHistorically the disparity between good lead generation and bad lead generation has been wafer thin, the difference of one sale making or breaking a campaign.

I firmly believe that these barriers are being broken down with smart innovative solutions to the oldest problem in marketing. Continue reading “Know little about lead generation which may help your business!”

How To Generate More Leads??!

LEAD GENERATE INFOGLOBALDATAAttract loyal customers that understand your business…eliminate time-wasters that cost you money… and generate a steady stream of qualified leads for your business at a price you would cheerfully pay.

You offer a great product or service. Customers and clients love doing business with you. The vast majority are pleased with your performance. Many stay on as repeat customers, and even send their friends and associates your way. Continue reading “How To Generate More Leads??!”

Lead Management in your Business

Lead management is a complete process of tracking and managing sales leads consisting of lead generation, capturing lead intelligence, filtering leads and distribution of qualified leads to the marketing team for lead nurturing and high priority leads to sales team for conversions. Continue reading “Lead Management in your Business”

Business to Business Lead Generation Service

lead generation SERVICE_IGDEffective B2B lead generation strategies begin with drilling down into exactly the types of leads that are most likely to convert into paying customers. That means filtering out prospects based on your resources and goals, and narrowing your attack. Continue reading “Business to Business Lead Generation Service”

What are the Successful Lead Generation Strategy??!

LEAD GENERATION_infoglobaldataInbound marketing is here, people. What this means for your business is that your audience no longer wants their attention bought––they want it earned. This means lead generation strategies need to be revamped across the industry to better meet the needs of target markets.

The first step in this evolution is to create compelling content, and the second is to use that content to convert visitors into leads. Of course, this is easier said than done.  Your business should take a similar mindset when implementing lead generation tactics into your inbound marketing strategy. Continue reading “What are the Successful Lead Generation Strategy??!”