Get more out of your Business-to-Business Lead Generation Strategy!

lead-generationDuring my B2B marketing consulting assignments, the first thing I make marketers do is ask the right kind of questions.

It’s very important to question your B2B lead generation strategy. A B2B marketer should not try to create awareness and interest based only on the merits of his products or services.

Considering how your prospect might perceive the product or service from their own value set is a very important factor.

Let’s take a look at some of the questions which your B2B lead generation strategy should clearly answer.

Is my Marketing coming across as a Solution or a Sales Pitch?

It’s understandable that you might want to directly pitch special product features or services, but this self proclaimed praise might not appeal to your target audience.

Of course, there is no other way to get attention of your prospects, but the primary message should be positioned to emphasize how useful your solutions have been for other clients, not how great your product/service is.

Am I approaching Decision Makers or Users?

“Elementary, my dear Watson”

This is what Sherlock Holmes told Watson on his latest deduction.

Most B2B marketers make the elementary mistake of targeting user persona through their B2B lead generation campaigns. The user persona is not the decision maker in all cases.

Before defining a marketing strategy, it is important to figure out your buyer persona. Take a note of all the decision makers and stakeholders.

Is ROI being justified?

Any time a corporate decides to select a vendor for a business need, they look at their budget and view any new product or service as an extra expense.

For most customers there tends to be more psychological resistance to immediate expenditure. The trick is to address this concern and position your service/product as an investment in their minds.

Back your offerings with success stories and ROI achievements of clients.

Next time you plan a B2B lead generation effort or marketing campaign, think about how best to position your offering by asking the above questions.

By Arvind Sehtia