Top 6 Secrets of Best B2B Lead Generation in 2017

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Magnificent list of happy B2B buyers tops the chart for any B2B marketer. But your buyers won’t come to you just like that. You have to stimulate them and capture their interest in your brand and services. You have to nudge them to contemplate about your offerings and make them excited about your catalogue so that they readily get into business with you. This whole process of generating organic interest in your audience about your brand is termed as lead generation. The contemporary commerce zone speaks of cut-throat competition where you always have your contenders vying for the same audience. So, only the most impactful lead generation strategies would work for you here.

To help you, the post below has summarized the top 6 secrets of most effective lead generation strategies for B2B marketers in 2017.

Gather Extensive Details

You can only excite your audience when you can meet and exceed their expectations. So, before you launch the marketing campaign, it’s fundamental to have a clear and vivid idea about your target’s needs and expectations from you. This is one of the most important steps for an effective B2B sales approach. The more information you have of your audience, better equipped would you be to customize your offerings as per their demands. And buyers love those who actually listen. So, focus on open-end questions that will compel them to describe their specific needs.

Don’t just stress on obvious queries such as what the firm does. Rather, ask them about their plans of improving their business and see how your offerings can help them there.

Create Insightful Buyer Profiles

After you amass information about the target buyers, the next step is to create insightful profiles on them. You might have dug out an extensive set of data but unless you organize them into structured profiles, it’s all going to end up in a messy affair. A clear-cut impactful marketing campaign demands a transparent view of audience persona and the profile is the best guide here. The audience profile would assure a better understanding on the targets challenges, pain points, business goals & certainly the buying behavior.

Know Which Marketing Channel To Follow

Budding B2B marketers are in a constant dilemma as to which marketing channel to follow for the most effective lead generation. Well, there is no single strategy that works for all. Some veteran marketers swear by email marketing, while for some, SMM is the go-to B2B lead generation strategy in 2017. If you ask the experts, the maximum votes go to not one but 4 channels:

Email marketing

Content marketing

Search marketing

Social media marketing

The best tip here would be to try each of these for your campaign and check how they individually fare for you. Sometimes, you might have to combine 2-3 of them together for optimum results.

Appealing and Constructive Content

It’s the content through which you will entice the leads about your brand and you have to be really impressive here. Stress on insightful and easily readable pieces when you provide the details about your innovative products or incredible services. Recent B2B lead generation statistics show 49% of B2B marketers vote for content marketing for their success with leads. However, here, content does not only imply textual pieces. To make things more attractive, try out visual contents like graphs, images or videos. The visual quotient is always easier to follow than text and eventually assures a greater impact. 70 percent of B2B marketers strongly feel that videos are more important than texts in converting users into qualified leads.

Offline Networking Always Pays

The above mentioned marketing channels are undoubtedly effective, but they lack your physical presence. It’s basic human tendency to feel closer to something that they can physically experience.  Hence, you have to make your presence felt among your audience. The better they get to know you, the higher would be the conversion rates. So, a healthy networking is one of the primary steps of successful lead generation and you must be really particular here. One good tip would be to invite your potential audience to seminars or product launches. You should also attend trade shows and conventions where you can physically meet and interact with prospective B2B buyers.

Mind the data analytics

After you launch the marketing campaign, the next step would be a thorough follow-up of data analytics of the performance of the campaign. There are analytics tools to help you with insights on the source of your leads, the most impactful marketing channel in your campaign- and also the best potential B2B buyers for your business. In simple words, you will have a better idea regarding what is working and what is not in case of your lead generation tactic.

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